segunda-feira, 23 de janeiro de 2012

Back home

Finally tired?

Long flight home...

As usual!

Ah-Ah-Ah Epic win!!!

Treasure hunt

New Plans.

How cunning!

 The search part 1

Oh oh don't let HeloZ Kit know...

Someone is search hard...

Ok we give up!

Tofu Tofu & Tofu

Perfect place for RatZorZ lunch!

HeloZ Kit is not vey happy...

But he is Happy!!!!

Everyone was thirsdy after lunch.

Be aware of some maskots...


The toilet incident

How the hell do you use it?!?!


Let's sneak into this party!!!!!!

RatZorZ looks greedy!

Oh-oh that's alchoolic...


RatZorZ get smart!

LoL are you jet lagged?

Nobody could see the lecturer...

No RatZorZ... Dendritic cell introduced them!

Rough chairman!

Some rest at last!

Don't wait for the answer!

RatZorZ makes lots of friends!

Oooooooh it's over!

Escaping... where?!

RatZorZ don't know what they are getting into...

Yeah...  but who is paying for your breakfast?!


Some RatZorZ fly high.

RatZorZ flirts with a Mexican Ratz!